Construction Business Group: Welcomes two new board members

(MADISON, Wis.) – Construction Business Group (CBG), a leading voice for the Wisconsin construction industry, announced the addition of the Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council and their signatory contractors to its organization.

On August 14, 2020, Bliss Nicholson, CEO of The Bruce Company, and John Schmitt, President and Business Manager of Wisconsin Laborers’ District Council, joined CBG’s Board of Trustees. In doing so, they pledged to promote accountability and protect the construction industry in Wisconsin.

“Our messages of accountability and economic value resonate around Wisconsin. We are excited to continue expanding the number of workers and contractors represented by our organization,” said Robb Kahl, Executive Director of CBG. “We hold companies and elected officials accountable every day. The more people committed to our mission leads to better conditions for Wisconsin construction contractors and their workers as well as better long-term investments in Wisconsin’s infrastructure for citizens.”

CBG pursues its mission of accountability through several avenues, including investigating public and private construction projects for compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

CBG also maintains a Bidder Database, a comprehensive free resource for elected officials, project owners, general contractors and engineering companies. The database contains safety, environmental and workplace conduct records of potential construction company partners.

“Sadly, Wisconsin’s construction industry has been inundated with contractors—many of them out-of-state companies— that cheat on taxes, fail to properly pay workers and otherwise take work from construction companies that play by the rules. CBG attempts to level the playing field by holding the bad actors accountable,” said Schmitt.

“As CEO of a landscaping company, I see firsthand the negative impact on Wisconsin communities that results from illegal business practices in the construction industry. Misclassification and payroll fraud cost Wisconsin taxpayers over $200,000,000 a year and risk the continued existence of businesses like The Bruce Company,” said Nicholson. “CBG’s efforts to hold bad actors accountable was the driving force for my agreeing to serve on the CBG board.”