Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative: On racial injustice

The following statement is from Chris Martin, Chairman of the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC) Board of Directors:

“Our cooperative feels immense sadness and frustration at the senseless loss of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many more. The incredible loss of life that disproportionately affects black citizens has forced us as a country to take a hard look at our deep flaws that have been unjust and deadly for so many of our black citizens for far too long. Social and racial injustice permeates throughout our community and we will not stand by but stand up.”

“We are committed to being part of the solution and we will not be silent. We know we have a responsibility to use our platform and privilege to advance equitable policies that actively support the communities that we serve.”

“Racial and economic disparities are pervasive in our country’s health care system, and too often they result in dangerous and fatal consequences. Considering recent news and our community’s warranted outcry for justice, we have a new energy to listen, learn, and do the work. Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative will make a difference by doing our part in building the equitable society our community envisions and deserves.”

Chris Martin is the Chairman of the Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative (CGHC) Board of Directors. CGHC is a non-profit, member-governed cooperative that provides health insurance to thousands of Wisconsin residents buying health insurance for themselves, their families, and their small businesses. Its mission is to pursue better healthcare by putting members first.