Carpenters Union: Applauds decision to base F-35A fighter jets in Madison

Madison – The North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters commends the United States Air Force for selecting Truax Field as the location of the F-35A Operational Beddown. The Carpenters Union and its members enthusiastically supported Madison as the preferred F-35A location throughout the selection process.

“Our message to local officials in Madison has been consistent: do not represent yourself as pro-labor if you are opposed to the projects that put union members to work,” stated Andrew Disch, Political Director for the Carpenters Union.

Not only is the F-35A basing decision vital to our national security, it will also provide significant economic benefits to the Madison region. According to USAF plans, building improvements needed to support F-35A operations will result in a total of 315-420 construction jobs to complete the $90-$120 million infrastructure investment.

The highly trained members of the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters stand ready to put their skills to work on this critically important project.