American Hotel and Lodging Association: Jobs lost in the Wisconsin hotel industry due to coronavirus pandemic

  • 18,168 direct hotel-related jobs lost
  • 48,345 total jobs lost supporting hotel industry


Josh Patel – Plover, WI

“I have experienced firsthand something that I have never witnessed in the past 30 years that I have been in this industry. This pandemic has caused group and individual reservations to cancel for the next 60+ days leaving us in single digit occupancy. We can not afford to keep out hotel open!” 

Clint Wills – Muskego, WI

“We have seen the occupancies in our hotel group fall drastically to levels we have never seen. Because of this we have had to layoff countless employees due to the mandates on gathering sizes and just the fact that nobody is traveling. For those salaried employees we have had to impose a 20% pay cut. We have had to do this because we are at risk of not meeting our very basic financial obligations to our lenders.” 

Charlie Eggen – Verona, WI

“As a life-long hotelier in Wisconsin I have experienced firsthand how devastating this outbreak and the economic downturn has been on our hotel and lodging industry employees. Our dependence on overnight travel puts out industry on the front lines of this downturn. Our properties have already been forced to layoff 90% of all employees as cancellations and groups have cancelled all overnight travel for months. As an employer I want to do everything in my power to ensure that we have a workplace for these vital parts of our business to return after the recovery comes around. Our hotel properties NEED YOUR HELP with financial packages and assistance in every form to help withstand the burden. PLEASE help.” 

Lee Fischi – Verona, WI

“We are doing everything possible to respond to the needs of our employees and avoid any addition immediate layoffs. Our company needs financial assistance to sustain operations through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in dire straights financially and all indications are it will get worse before it gets better…HELP!” 

Hailey Crowe – Green Bay, WI

“I have personally had groups cancel their meetings and sleeping rooms which affects me financially as I am a group sales manager.”