AFL-CIO: Supports Gov. Evers’ efforts to keep Wisconsinites safe from COVID-19

(October 6, 2020 – MILWAUKEE, WI) – Stephanie Bloomingdale, President of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, released the following statement in support of the Evers’ administration actions to combat COVID-19 including limiting indoor public gatherings to 25 percent of a room’s capacity and placing new restrictions on bars, restaurants, and mass gatherings.

“On behalf of the working men and women of the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, I would like to commend Governor Evers for his latest directive limiting the size of public gatherings in our state. The alarming rise in cases that has put our state near the top of the list of Covid-19 hotspots make this a necessary, common sense action.

As the deadly 1918 pandemic illustrated, a likely second wave has the potential to be even more lethal than what we’ve seen so far. Unfortunately, coronavirus fatigue is prompting too many Wisconsinites to ignore essential public health practices, allowing cases to spike dramatically.

With rising infection rates and the healthcare system stretched to the brink in our state, we are fortunate to have a governor willing to set politics aside and show the kind of leadership that is so obviously lacking in Donald Trump’s White House and among the Republican leadership in our state legislature.

This pandemic will someday be over, but we are not there yet. Ideally, people should all voluntarily abide by the practices that will limit the spread of this disease. When this is not the case, our elected leaders must use the power we have given them to compel that behavior. Thank you to Governor Evers for using your authority to help keep Wisconsin safe.”