AFL-CIO: Issues solidarity letter to the workers of the Milwaukee Art Museum

To workers organizing at the Milwaukee Art Museum,
I offer my support and solidarity as you stand united together with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers Local Lodge 66 to achieve a just and fair workplace, what every worker deserves. The freedom to negotiate together as a team in union is a fundamental right of all workers.

You are the heart of the art museum’s mission. You deserve a seat at the table when decisions are made impacting your jobs and livelihoods. Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM) management owes it to their employees to put their inclusive community vision into practice under the Calatrava’s wings.

Part of MAM’s responsibility to the Milwaukee community is to pay a livable wage to all of its workers, recognizing the burden that low wages, limited benefits, and precarious scheduling place on families and on the community. I call on MAM management to truly listen to their employees and negotiate a just contract in a spirit of partnership to strengthen the art museum through improved labor relations. 
By raising your voices together for dignity and respect, you help guarantee that the Milwaukee Art Museum lives up to its prestigious reputation. Strong unions and good collective bargaining agreements lift up all workers, creating a vibrant economy and recovery for all.

I wish you strength and solidarity in the ongoing efforts to create a workplace where your voices will be heard.


Stephanie Bloomingdale
President, Wisconsin AFL-CIO