Advantage+: Kristin Oberholtzer named to Board of Directors

Milwaukee, Wis. – December 8, 2020 — Kristin Oberholtzer, Chief Operating Officer of
Advantage+ of Brookfield, Wis., has been appointed to the Advantage+ board of directors. She will become Secretary of the corporation. Advantage+ is a 28 year-old, nationwide direct lender.

Oberholtzer earned a B.A. in business administration and finance from Carroll University, and has worked at Advantage+ for 25 years. She was previously a portfolio manager in collections, marketing manager, litigation coordinator, operations manager, vice president of operations, and executive vice president, managing four departments within the company.

Michael Elton, President and CEO of Advantage+ said, “Kristin has always been a key A+
player. She’s earned this position and embodies everything the company stands for – free market capitalism, serving small business exceptionally well, and her passion for making everyone around her better. Her leadership, attitude, and grit have been crucial to our company’s success.”

Advantage+ was founded in 1992, and is a nationwide direct lender. It offers equipment and working-capital loans of $2,000 to $200,000 to small and mid-size companies. One-third of its new loans are to existing or previous customers. The company also provides customer finance programs for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers.

Kristin Oberholtzer, COO, said, “We have an outstanding group of talented individuals on our board.  It will be my honor to work with them.”

Advantage+ has lent more than $500 million dollars to more than 20,000 businesses. Its
managers and a few outside investors own the company. The company augments its growing capital base with loans from partner banks with managers that support small-business and free-market capitalism.