Adams Outdoor Advertising: Designs, executes ad campaign honoring those on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic

Through this ad campaign called “#MyHeroWI”, Adams is giving Wisconsin a chance to recognize the heroes in the community. In short, Adams is running photos on its digital billboards to honor and uplift those whom are risking their health daily to provide the community with basic needs.

The management team at Adams has invited its client base, including businesses and non-profit agencies, and now the general public to share photos of those whom are having a positive impact on the community during this time. This includes employees in healthcare, grocery stores, convenience stores, construction, media, etc. Adams is displaying photos on digital billboards directly from social media channels for those who are truly heroes during a difficult time.

Julie Johnson, General Manager, Adams Wisconsin, commented that “Our staff here at Adams simply wants to allow our clients, partners and communities we serve the opportunity to honor and recognize local heroes. You can get involved by posting your photos on social media with hashtag #MyHeroWI to feature someone on billboards within our Wisconsin footprint. AOA applauds and extends our appreciation to everyone for their selfless service to others. “