YesLMS gearing up for busy new year

After winning the 2018 Doyenne Group’s 5x5x5 pitch event and completing the Doyenne Accelerator, YesLMS is gearing up for a busy new year.

YesLMS is a Madison business with a learning management platform committed to making online education and training sessions universally accessible.

Co-founder Linda Hedenblad got the idea for the company from her experience as a motivational speaker who traveled the country.

“While delivering online education through various universities, I became extremely frustrated and angry with the difficulty of typical learning management systems,” Hedenblad said. “The one-size-fits-all model of learning management systems leaves many learners behind, including people with disabilities, individuals who use smartphones, etc.”

Hedenblad teamed up with several colleagues and created her own LMS system with an emphasis on making the platform as user-friendly as possible.

YesLMS targets three key industries: enterprise training, government and education. While the LMS system was originally tailored for education, the company has found the most success with enterprise training.

“As we move forward as a business, we will focus our attention on businesses, member-based and trade associations and other companies,” Hedenblad said. “The market for enterprise training is in need of an LMS that can adapt to each company’s unique needs.”

YesLMS operates under a SaaS (software as a service) model to tailor the platform to different customers, and it offers options for users to make their experience easier. There are three levels of service, each with different price points.

“We put people first and design our products and services around their needs,” she said. “We couldn’t do it any other way. We challenge other LMS providers to do the same. If they succeed, then we’ve accomplished our mission.”

The Doyenne Accelerator program made Hedenblad reflect on how to position her product in the LMS marketplace. She also said the program gave her company more resources to grow.

According to Hedenblad, one of the most rewarding aspects of YesLMS is working with the Hellen Keller National Center.

“HKNC is the only organization of its kind — providing training and resources exclusively to people age 16 and over who have combined vision and hearing loss,” Hedenblad said. “HKNC is recognized as a national leader in professional training for their train-the-trainer model. They use YesLMS to train both their staff and the recipients of their services.”

by Lauren Summers

— Madison Startups

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