Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition: Statement on NAFTA regarding President Trump’s visit to Milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI — David Newby, President of the Wisconsin Fair Trade Coalition, issued the following statement regarding President Donald Trump’s visit to Milwaukee on Friday to tour Derco Aerospace facility and make remarks on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and his proposed replacement trade agreement, the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“NAFTA has been a disaster for working people and absolutely must be replaced.  Unfortunately, President Trump’s proposed NAFTA revision (USMCA) fails to make the changes needed to stop outsourcing of jobs and even adds new giveaways for big pharmaceutical companies that would lock in high prices for medicines.  

“The president needs to decide if he’ll work with Congress on a real NAFTA replacement that stops the pact’s ongoing damage.  If he tries to force a vote on his weak NAFTA rebrand before it is fixed, he’ll be responsible for the continued flow of American jobs out of our country and for sinking wages.  

“Democrats in Congress have been demanding stronger labor and environmental standards with swift and certain enforcement, as well as the removal of new language expanding pharmaceutical monopolies, which will raise drug prices.  The White House should accept those necessary changes in order to create a new deal that actually protects jobs, raises wages and works for working families.”