Wisconsin Dairy Business Association: Dairy Strong conference: Here’s some quality content

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We wrapped up our annual Dairy Strong conference late last week in Madison, Wis., and I wanted to make sure you know where to find content from the event.

This was the fifth conference, which has turned into a national gathering for dairy farmers, connected business owners and a host of others.

Below is a rundown of headlines and live links to stories on the Dairy Strong website. 
The full archive link is here. You will see video links next to a few of the stories below.

Several of these might look familiar because they were distributed as press releases last week. 
They are noted.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Keynote speakers:

Fletcher: Recovering quickly from adversity leads to long-term success 
Video link

McKinney: USMCA ‘huge win’ for ag market access
Video link

Dairy farmers hear about demonstrating ‘who we are’ from former Harley-Davidson exec

Geopolitical view on trade: World needs U.S. more than vice versa


Panelists: Look for ways to add value to dairy business

Presenter: Carry realistic expectations with new technology

Young advocates: Positive interactions outweigh negatives on social media

Thinking about a digester? Think it through

Wisconsin ag chief:

New DATCP secretary points to dairy’s struggles, strengths (Press release)

Video link

Award winner:

Commitment to farming, community earns Strauss top advocate award (Press release)

Video link

Conference quotes:

Dairy Strong 2019: Inspiring words, expert advice

Board elections:

Crave named president of DBA board (Press release)

Edge board re-elects Stapel as president (Press release)

Dairy labeling research:

Survey shows plant-based food label confusion (Press release)