Wisconsin Bankers Association: List of Wisconsin banks assisting customers during government shutdown available

Eric Skrum, Wisconsin Bankers Association 
608-441-1216 | [email protected] 

Madison – Banks are the backbones of their communities, supporting them in difficult times. The current government shutdown is no exception. Hundreds of bank locations throughout Wisconsin are ready, willing, and able to assist their customers who are negatively impacted during the government shutdown. The Wisconsin Bankers Association (WBA) is compiling a list of banks and the special products/services they are offering customers impacted by the shutdown.

“Wisconsin’s banks always step up to offer a helping hand, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a natural disaster or a man-made event,” said Rose Oswald Poels, president and chief executive of the Wisconsin Bankers Association. “Many Wisconsin banks have reached out directly to their customers and communities to help them weather the federal government shutdown. Some are offering special loans while others are adjusting the monthly payments on current loans. Banks are simply helping out any way they can.”

The list is housed at www.Banconomics.com and has a searchable map of locations as well as a list of banks, including specific contact information. The list continues to grow as WBA receives responses on how our members are helping their customers.