WisBusiness: The Podcast with DP Knudten, founder of COLLABORATOR creative

This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: The Podcast” features DP Knudten, a marketing and branding expert who founded a Madison company called Collaborator Creative.

Knudten works with individuals and smaller companies, providing copy writing, strategy consulting and what he calls “non-fiction branding.”

“I approach everything from the point of view that you’ve got to have a brand before you can have a message, and certainly before you can be communicating with your audiences,” he said.

From his perspective, a company can own its logo but ownership of the brand is shared among users, customers and clients.

“If you don’t consider them as a key part of your brand, when you’re constructing it, you’re missing out on at least 50 percent of the job,” he said. “Consequently, what I do is constantly work with people to keep their eye on not only what you want to sell, but what they want to buy.”

Listen to the podcast, sponsored by UW-Madison: