WHIO and SymphonyCare: Partner to deliver next generation all payer claims database

MADISON, Wis. October 8, 2019 — The Wisconsin Health Information Organization (WHIO) and its technology partner, SymphonyCare, today announced the launch of WHIO 2.0, a next generation All Payer Claims Database (APCD) aimed at delivering informational assets with greater flexibility, analytical innovations and user-friendly applications to meet the emerging needs of their customers.

The WHIO serves provider systems, health plans, employers, state agencies, researchers and others looking for healthcare business intelligence to guide their strategic and operational decisions. The only statewide voluntary APCD in the nation, WHIO 2.0—launched in July—includes more than 4.2 million patients, 265 million claims and $108 billion in billed charges. 

“Our clients have a variety of information needs so we know that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution,” said Dana Richardson, CEO of WHIO. “We wanted a partner that aligns with our focus on improving the value of care in Wisconsin and can meet our members’ current and future needs.”

The search for the right technology partner to develop WHIO 2.0 took approximately two years. WHIO carried out extensive research with current customers, conducted a landscape assessment of other analytical systems and technologies and completed a Request for Proposal process, ultimately selecting SymphonyCare.

“WHIO’s work to improve the transparency in healthcare costs and quality is incredibly valuable,” said Ravi Kalla, founder and chairman of SymphonyCare. “We’re proud to support them and partner with them to create a cutting-edge APCD for the state of Wisconsin.”

Factors contributing to the partnership with SymphonyCare included the company’s ability to quickly ingest, integrate and analyze clinical and claims data from multiple sources, the speed at which they can return analytics for WHIO’s customers and SymphonyCare’s dedication to being a true partner in advancing technologies now and in the future. 


“The Wisconsin marketplace and many of WHIO’s customers are participating in, or preparing for, risk-sharing agreements with public and private sector payers,” said Richardson. “As such, there is an increased focus on population health management, driving a demand for increased access to timely healthcare information and powerful, accurate and actionable analytics in a flexible and responsive business intelligence platform.” 

Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, SymphonyCare is an innovative healthcare data management company that partners with organizations looking to improve data quality and efficiency of care. The foundation of WHIO 2.0 is built on SymphonyCare’s WellStackTM, an EMR-agnostic enterprise data warehouse that manages multiple data sources to produce key cost and quality reports, visualizations and intelligence on demand. 

WellStack is the data foundation that provides organizations with a source-of-truth in which users can build a comprehensive set of tools to improve patient engagement and care quality in addition to clinical, financial and operational outcomes.