VerdaSure: Lowers risk for hemp farmers

Contact: Tim Barta
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Bringing high tech testing to support Wisconsin farming entrepreneurs

Milwaukee, WI – Assurance Drug Testing Laboratories, LLC formally launched VerdaSure, an accurate and easy testing service for hemp farmers to monitor the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels in their hemp crops. When growing hemp for valuable cannabidiol (CBD) extraction, farmers can track CBD and THC levels in their hemp crops over time, ideally using values together with other sources of data to make informed harvest decisions to reduce their risk.

Why Assurance Laboratories? According to CEO Ilke Panzer, “Our drug testing experience is highly relevant to industrial hemp testing. We test for the same substances already in health care – a highly regulated field. With years of high-volume experience with this testing, we are sure growers and processors can depend on us for accurate results.”

Until 1958, Wisconsin was one of the largest hemp farming states in the country. In 2018, the US Farm Bill, and a pilot program approved by the state and managed by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (WI DATCP) brought hemp farming back to Wisconsin. The first year saw 200 licensed growers, but a “hot crop” rate of nearly 10%. Hot crops occur when the THC level surpasses 0.3%. Hot crops in Wisconsin must be destroyed – costing the farmer the value of any crop that could have been grown on that field. Due to the relatively recent advent of legally permitted hemp farming, insurance options remain limited, making crop compliance a high-stakes situation.

Adam Jansen, Assurance Laboratories Technical Director knows compliance matters, so “we worked with the State of Wisconsin Lab to align instrumentation and procedures – so our clients can expect very similar results from us as from the final “fit for commerce” testing performed by the State Lab.”

Hemp today is a US agricultural import from Asian countries. Wisconsin hemp harvesting empowers local farmers to produce a crop with higher economic value, and for local processors to secure high-quality, confidently sourced ingredients for natural products containing hemp and CBD. VerdaSure is excited to offer best-in-class technology and clear reporting to support farmers in managing their crops, harvest dates and risk. With VerdaSure, farmers get an accurate, responsive and easy testing solution built for professional, medical confidence.

To learn more about the VerdaSure offering, please reach out to Tim Barta at [email protected] or 414-386-3795.

About VerdaSure
VerdaSure provides accurate, responsive and easy testing for hemp growers and processors. Built from years of sensitive medical testing experience, VerdaSure supports hemp entrepreneurs through the mitigation of hot crop risk, insights into trends, and best-in-class technology for assessing various cannibanoid compounds. Learn more at