UW-Madison: Documentary explores health challenges of rural Wisconsin

CONTACT: Mary Pokorney-Donelan, Producer; mary.pokorneydonelan@wisc.edu; (608) 262-6456
VIEW VIDEO: https://news.wisc.edu/uw-madison-helps-confront-rural-health-crisis/

A new documentary airing Monday explores some of the ways UW-Madison is helping rural areas of Wisconsin meet their health care challenges.

The half-hour program, produced in partnership by Wisconsin Public Television and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, details several UW-Madison programs that improve health care for all residents of the state:

-The School of Medicine & Public Health’s Wisconsin Academy for Rural Medicine program that trains physicians to serve in rural areas. See https://news.wisc.edu/program-helps-address-shortage-of-physicians-in-rural-areas/.

-The School of Pharmacy’s residency track program that provides immersive training on the challenges unique to rural pharmacists. See https://news.wisc.edu/program-focuses-on-preparing-pharmacy-students-in-rural-areas/.

-The School of Nursing’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Certificate program that helps serve mental health needs in rural areas. See https://news.wisc.edu/certificate-program-helps-address-states-mental-health-care-needs/.

Multiple UW-Madison sources are interviewed: 

-Dr. Amy Kind, UW School of Medicine and Public Health

-Dr. Byron Crouse, UW School of Medicine and Public Health

-Dr. Gina Bryan, UW School of Nursing

-Dr. Ed Portillo, UW School of Pharmacy

-Dr. David Mott, UW School of Pharmacy

The program debuts Monday, April 8, at 9:30 p.m., and will show at several other times. See https://wptschedule.org/episodes/48417570/Medicine-On-Main-Street/.