Tax the Rich: Bus Tour joined by elected officials and local activists in Green Bay

PRESS CONTACT: C.J. Warnke [email protected] | 732-284-0888

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Today, Tax March was joined by progressive leaders and local activists for a press conference as part of the “Tax the Rich bus tour” in Green Bay. Speakers included  Dana Bye (Tax March), State Senator Dave Hansen (D-30), Sarah Conklin (Health Care Storyteller), Denise Hutchison (Local Activist), and Representative Amanda Stuck (D-57).

A link to the livestream can be found HERE.

“Since the 2017 GOP Tax Law was signed, nearly 16,000 Wisconsinites have been laid off,” said Dana Bye, Campaign Director of Tax March. “As for wages in the Badger state, they’ve gone down while corporate profits have gone up. In the Greater Green Bay Area alone, at least 1,000 workers were laid off this year because Shopko, a local staple for more than 50 years closed all its stores. If you think those are signs of a strong economy that works for everyone, think again.”

“It is up to us to demand action from our legislators,” said Representative Amanda Stuck. “Call all of your legislators and use your right to vote when election time comes. Make sure your representatives are really watching out for you, and not simply looking out for their next election and special interests.”


“Our roads are some of the worst in the entire country,” said State Senator Dave Hansen. “This is what happens when you have socialism for the rich, and austerity for everyone else. Walgreens took the city of Appleton to court. Now city taxpayers owe them a $350k refund. That’s just one case among many. Every day, the Republicans delay closing the dark store loophole. It’s just the latest of a long line of cons and scams for corporations to pick our pockets. We have to start by taxing the rich and making them pay their fair share. Times must change or this will never be fixed.”


“For many years, I had a great insurance program,” said Sarah Conklin. “I’ve since lost that. I may look like a healthy person. But I’m the poster child for pre-existing conditions. Childbirth, 16 surgeries, breast cancer survivor. Without the ACA, I would be in jeopardy. I’m currently paying $1,300 a month just to stay stable. When you live with a chronic illness every day, you’re already living with a full plate. We’re already vulnerable and we need your support.”


“I am a Wisconsin and U.S. taxpayer,” said Denise Hutchison, local activist. “I’m not asking to not pay taxes, it’s my responsibility and my privilege to pay my fair share. What isn’t fair and just is that the wealthiest 1 percent in the U.S. have been given a tax break and are not paying their fair share.”


Taking place between the first two presidential debates, the Tax the Rich Bus tour will be traveling across the country this summer to tell the truth about the harmful effects of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and empower local elected officials, activists and national organizations to demand the rich and corporations pay their fair share. The tour concludes in Detroit, MI on July 30, 2019