Plumbers Union Local 75: Expands workforce development capabilities in Madison, Wi.

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Capital Commercial Represents Growing Union

(MILWAUKEE) January 8, 2019 – Members of Plumbers Union Local 75 recently voted to purchase a building and property in Madison, Wis., to expand its training facility and union offices.

Capital Commercial LLC, a Pewaukee-based real estate advisor, represented the Plumbers Union in the purchase of a former Menards store at East Towne in Madison. The purchase of this 160,000-square-foot property will put the union in a great position and location to serve their members, contractors, customers and the community for generations to come. It will give the union the immediate opportunity to develop and enhance their workforce development and training capabilities in the region. 

“This deal represents a huge step forward in repurposing big-box retail spaces for high-end, alternative uses,” said Matthew Quest, principal of Capital Commercial. “Acquiring an already developed lot and having the building re-development under one roof will allow renovations and occupancy in stages and help overall cost management.”

The Plumbers Union plans to build-out and occupy a portion of the building for apprenticeship and continuing education, including hands-on training labs and classrooms. The plumbers are in communication and coordination with other trades and workforce development organizations regarding build-out space for lease. Bachmann Construction has been contracted as the construction manager. It has experience, expertise and a good reputation as a Madison-based Union General Contractor.

The building plans include space set aside for a member health clinic and daycare center. Given the ample space, these amenities can be completed in phases and will allow for additional future expansions based on the needs and priorities of the union membership.

“I believe it is my duty to seek, plan and bring ideas to our members that will benefit our members and employers for future generations of plumbers,” said Steve Breitlow, business manager at Plumbers Union Local 75. “This expansion in Madison will provide regional and practical training space for the advancement of our members’ skill and productivity and bring value to our signatory employers and customers.”

The needs and expectations of contractors and customers in the plumbing, construction and service industries are constantly and quickly evolving through changes in materials, tools, installation practices and procedures and building designs. The ability to offer in-house training allows for timely industry-driven training development and will be advantageous for recruitment of apprentices, journeymen and employers. This deal closed in December 2018.

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About Plumbers Union Local 75

Plumbers Union Local 75 is an affiliated and Chartered Local Union of the United Association (UA), which is an International Union affiliated with the AFL – CIO. It was formed and chartered in Milwaukee by the UA in 1891. In the late 1990s the UA merged UA Local Plumbers from the Madison and Janesville Local Unions into Plumbers Union Local 75. For more information,