John Rogers publishes new book on problem-solving

John Rogers, a former senior Pentagon official and business executive, has published a new book on solving complex problems in business, government and other areas.

Rogers was the campaign director for Matt Flynn’s U.S. Senate race in 1986 and later worked for Wisconsin’s Les Aspin on Congress and the Defense Department.

“The Renaissance Campaign: A Problem-Solving Formula for Your Biggest Challenges” was published recently and is available for purchase on Amazon. See below for an excerpt from the introduction.

“Disruption is everywhere.

“It interrupts and destabilizes our systems and norms, impacting individuals, organizations, and indeed, all of our society. We face cultural, environmental, and technological disruptions on a daily basis. Rarely do we recognize them before they slap us in the face, either because we try to ignore them, or because we simply don’t see them coming until it’s too late.

“The more technology advances, the faster change occurs, and the easier it becomes to proliferate information, deluging our world with so much noise, it’s a wonder we haven’t all gone deaf.

“We are drowning in data, and the amount of new information we’re expected to absorb each day is unmanageable without methodologies in place.

“These disruptions have become staples of our lives, the rapid rate of societal change often hindering progress rather than helping it. Decision-makers in every field can barely keep up with today’s challenges, much less plan and prepare for tomorrow. Navigating it all feels like sprinting through a labyrinth.”

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