Infinity Supercritical LLC: Introduces the SDR2000 for large volume hemp processing with revenue of over $127,000 per day

MADISON, Wis., July 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Infinity Supercritical LLC is introducing its industrial scale hemp oil processors that use water to extract full spectrum oil in under a second. The Infinity model SDR2000 can process 2,400 pounds of dry hemp flower per day into high quality full spectrum oil. The continuous feed process is the only in the industry that uses water as the solvent, to produce an eco-extracted oil, that can be labeled with organic and green branding.

The SDR2000 processing hemp flower with an average production cost of $18 per pound, and selling at only $2/gram, can expect a payback in 18 days. Since the closed-loop system uses water as the solvent, electricity is the only consumable to run the process. In comparison, similar sized ethanol processors (which lose ethanol due to slippage) have consumables costs upwards of $1.2 million per year).

Infinity Supercritical LLC offers innovative one-touch processing technology, and a visionary future, for clean and green hemp oil extraction. Please visit for more information.