EVERWhite: Introduces shelter-in-place door barricade

Contact: Jim Muth

Schools and businesses looking to secure classrooms and offices during active-shooter lockdowns can now rely on BARRICADEpro — a bullet-resistant door barrier designed to protect room occupants, while providing daily use of its whiteboard surfaces.

With heavy duty, five-inch casters, BARRICADEpro can be easily rolled into position during lockdowns. Caster locks prevent intruders from pushing BARRICADEpro, while a bracket prevents the barrier from being tipped over.

Completely Blocks Intruder Access to a Room
Common classroom and office doors are completely covered by BARRICADEpro, which stands 85 inches tall and 44 inches wide, so intruders have no sightline into a room. The coverage extends from 0.6 inch of the floor up 78 inches, so bullets cannot be fired into the room.

BARRICADEpro’s internal quarter-inch-thick steel plating is designed to stop multiple rounds from high-powered rifles. In testing, the unit met the bullet- stopping criteria of Level 3 of the National Institute of Justice, to stop high-caliber rifle ammunition. All corners and edges are wrapped in 14-gauge steel. The steel armor overlaps at all edges.

Non-Staining Dry Erase Surfaces
The interior front and side panels have EVERWhite dry erase, matte surfaces, allowing BARRICADEpro to be used every day, and making the unit unobtrusive as a security device. Like all EVERWhite whiteboards, the dry erase surfaces of BARRICADEpro are guaranteed never to stain or ghost. Ink cannot penetrate the non-porous surface, making the boards highly erasable and incredibly easy to clean. The surfaces are magnetic, extending their presentation use.

Learn more about BARRICADEpro at everwhiteboards.com/mobileguard/barricadepro-door-barrier/ .

BARRICADEpro is part of the MOBILEGuard family of security products from EVERWhite, a leading manufacturer and seller of whiteboards, other presentation products and security products commonly used in schools, businesses, and health care facilities and by sports teams. The
recently redesigned MOBILEGuard Ballistic Panel System is comprised of ballistic whiteboard panels that, when connected, allow for a highly configurable shelter-in-place solution. MOBILEGuard panels have double-sided dry erase surfaces, or can have cork bulletin board surfaces. Upgrades to the system include the use of five-inch, heavy duty casters, bumpers on the legs, and an improved panel-connecting hinge system.