Equips: Celebrates 10-year anniversary

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Brookfield, Wis. – Equips, a solutions-oriented company that simplifies equipment management for community banks, credit unions and the healthcare industry, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.


Equips is based in Brookfield, Wis., and began operating in 2008. Its founders include Steve Van Eerden, Chief Solutions Officer, and Adam York, President.


The decade-long success of Equips is due largely to a business model that identifies and meets clients’ needs, a strong team, and a company culture that rewards personal growth, York said.


“Our clients are free to do their best work because Equips does the work of managing their business-critical equipment,” he said. “Our clients use their choice of service companies, spend less money, and run more efficiently.  Once a client joins us, they stay with us. That loyalty happens because our team lives our core values: Doing the Right Thing, Drive to Excellence, Positive Beat, and Impact Player.”


Equips is on target to continue its growth in the coming years through a steadfast focus on delivering solutions for clients, expanding its footprint, and continuing to add technical functionality in response to customer demands.


“The ratio of machines to people is increasing every day, and it’s in their nature for machines to break. In a grand sense, our goal is to give people a way to get service that is simple, convenient and friendly,” said Beth Gettig, Executive Vice President. “That gives a business like ours a lot of opportunity for growth.”


Starting in a Challenging Time


Equips launched during an economic downturn, providing challenges beyond the typical uphill climb of getting a business going. The founders believed in their business model, though, and persevered.


The early focus of Equips’ business was to provide a single maintenance agreement, using service companies selected by the client.  The selling point for banks and credit unions was savings, and the simplicity of a single agreement to manage.


E-LINK Changes Everything

Technological winds of change shifted everything in 2010. After a request from a client for an online platform to manage equipment maintenance functions, Equips created E-LINK, a revolutionary product that has generated exponential business growth through 2019.


E-LINK is a single place for clients to manage their entire equipment inventory, from copiers and coin sorters to ATMs and Teller Cash Recyclers. The platform is used for dispatching service companies, running reports, and selecting coverage options. It connects clients to the full support of the Equips team.


“E-LINK has been such an asset to our clients, and has the potential to do so much more in the future,” York said.

Equips has twice been named a “Future 50” business by the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. The honor recognizes fast-growing companies that drive regional economic growth.


About Equips 
Equips, a management services company, increases efficiency and significantly reduces costs related to maintaining financial equipment. Clients manage the maintenance of their equipment via Equips’ central management platform, E-LINK, so employee time can be focused on member needs. Contact Equips for a complimentary analysis of your financial equipment and E-LINK demo. Call (866) 324-4508 or visit www.equips.com.