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DynaTrap can help prevent your summer from being ruined by mosquitoes.

MILWAUKEE, Wi., June 10, 2019 – As of late, several parts of the country have been experiencing an increase in rain levels. Where there is rain, there are mosquitoes! Any form of water is considered a prime breeding spot for these pests and due to this intense attraction, the mosquito population can spike. Scientists are predicting the potential for an above-average mosquito forecast for the summer of 2019, so preparation is key!

With weather-resistant technology, DynaTrap can significantly reduce the mosquito population that occurs with wet, humid climates. Each DynaTrap releases CO2 that mimics human breath and uses UV lighting to trap and kill mosquitoes, as well as other insects. The low maintenance requirements to use these traps effectively, make it easy for anyone! Cross mosquitoes off your summer bucket-list with DynaTrap!

“With record-setting precipitation levels, the U.S. could see a rise in the mosquito population. Weather events such as El Niño have been shown, in retrospective studies, to have a direct effect on vector borne diseases. The increased precipitation leads to increased mosquito/vector numbers which leads to increased vector borne disease cases. Intuitively we know, if you have more mosquitoes and you aren’t protecting yourself you have a greater chance of getting bitten and therefore of contracting a vector borne disease. Traps, if used correctly, can be an effective tool to begin to remove mosquitoes and other insects,” says Dr. McKenzie, Medical Entomologist.

About Dr. Karen McKenzie, Medical Entomologist

Dr. McKenzie is a well-respected Entomologist in her field. Karen McKenzie received her PhD in Medical and Veterinary Entomology from the University of Florida in 2003. She currently resides in Melbourne, FL where she and her staff conduct research at our Dynamic Entomology Research Center. Her knowledge, combined with her passion for improving mosquito and insect control are the reason Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC can provide our customers with research-tested solutions for insect control.

About Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC

Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC takes pride in creating reliable, technology-driven indoor and outdoor insect traps that protect against mosquitoes, biting flies, moths, wasps, fruit flies and more. Unlike other insect removal solutions, Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC produces products that are uniquely chemical- and pesticide-free, affordable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and most importantly—effective. To learn more about DynaTrap’s award-winning products, please visit https://www.dynatrap.com.