Curate: Expands database to cover all 50 states

MADISON, WI — Curate has expanded its database to include all 50 U.S. states, making it the most comprehensive database and aggregator for municipal meeting minutes and agendas in the U.S. 

The expansion enables Curate to serve customers in states it did not previously cover, as well as customers with national footprints. 

“We expect to see accelerating growth in our customer-base because of this expansion,” says Taralinda Willis, Curate co-founder and CEO. “Local data is the future of lobbying. This is a huge advantage for our customers.”

Government affairs directors, public relations staff, and business development representatives in every state will now be able to use Curate’s automated weekly reports to track specific issues, decisions, and projects discussed at local government meetings.

This expansion — a major leap from the 20 states in Curate’s database in July — was fueled by a funding round of $1.6 million that closed earlier this year. 

Going forward, Curate customers will be able to keep an eye on discussions in any municipality in any state, as long as that municipality posts its agendas and minutes online. By Curate’s estimate, that includes 80 percent of the cities and towns in the country, from towns so small they don’t have a stoplight, to cities of more than 1 million residents. 

This expansion will also benefit current customers, even if they don’t need to access documents from any of the new states in the database, because taking in more data helps Curate’s proprietary machine learning algorithms become even more accurate.

“Every state is a little different in the words they use to talk about different topics, as well as how their reports are structured,” Willis says. “For example, in Louisiana, it’s not ‘counties,’ it’s ‘parishes.’ Having more variability helps our artificial intelligence models understand even more about these topics.”

Curate continues to improve its algorithms to make the reports it provides to customers each week more comprehensive and more accurate. 

“We’ve made some really strategic hires that have helped us push the envelope of what’s possible in the AI space,” Willis says. 

About Curate

Curate is changing the way people use municipal meeting minutes and agendas for market intel. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, Curate automates reading through hundreds of these documents manually for leads on new construction or insights on issues hot in a community — enabling industry professionals to redirect their time and energy towards more face-to-face responsibilities and help them become the local expert in their market from anywhere. For more information, visit