AssuredLeads: Platform used by hundreds of agents


Taylor Kennedy

Platform used by Top-60 insurance carrier, among other large agents and brokers

(MADISON, Wis.)—More than 350 agents and upwards of 30 insurance underwriters, sales trainers and management users are using AssuredLeads’ SaaS platform, which is designed to increase sales production for commercial insurance companies, only three months after its launch. The current number of users has exceeded the original projected number at this time by more than 100 agencies. 

The SaaS platform, which helps commercial insurance agents and carriers save time by eliminating inefficiencies in the commercial sales process, provides high quality sales leads, training resources, data analytics and an intuitive CRM. These products are then sold via AssuredLeads’ proprietary software marketplace.

“I’m extremely proud of the work our team has accomplished since the release of our platform,” CEO and Co-Founder Travis Batiza said. “The growth of the platform proves that the scalability goes beyond just property and casualty insurance agents to include internal corporate employees, and it also paves the way for industry-agnostic application of the platform in other sales industries.”

The platform solves many industry issues, including agent sales tracking, agent turnover, data tracking and agent/agency engagement, all while growing commercial insurance sales without increasing underwriting expense.

The company continues to grow, exemplified in its 300 percent revenue increase from 2017 to 2018, its headcount rapidly increasing and the goal to hire hundreds more by 2021.

About AssuredLeads

Headquartered in Madison, Wis., AssuredLeads increases sales for commercial insurance agents, brokers and carriers. AssuredLeads partners with insurance companies to help them grow their commercial insurance business, offering premium leads, training resources, data analytics and other tools to optimize sales production.  Learn more at