AFP-WI Encourages Prioritized Transportation Spending in Budget

MADISON, Wis. – Americans for Prosperity-Wisconsin (AFP-WI) on Thursday encouraged the Joint Committee on Finance (JFC) to address our state’s infrastructure needs by advancing responsible, sustainable reforms in the transportation budget.

AFP-WI State Director Eric Bott said the Road to Sustainability package recently circulated by Rep. Sanfelippo and others could serve as a guide for potential budget reforms to the Department of Transportation. Bott also praised a proposal released by ten senators Wednesday to fund county and town road maintenance through surplus revenues rather than fee or tax increases.   

The JFC is tentatively scheduled to meet today to deliberate transportation funding. 

AFP-WI State Director Eric Bott issued the following statement:

“We can build a safe, modern infrastructure through smarter spending and wholesale reform to how roads are built. We should improve our roads not by burdening Wisconsinites with higher costs, but by making better use of the money we already collect.”

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