WisBusiness: The Podcast with Olivia Wisden of Babette Travel

This week’s podcast is with Olivia Wisden, founder of Babette Travel. This Madison-based startup helps students secure overseas internships and placement in study abroad programs.

She discusses the early-stage company’s progress since her previous podcast appearance, and lays out goals for the coming year.

“We have successfully hit our goal of getting how many [internships] we wanted,” she said. “We went from four internships last summer to 13 this summer… If we can get 10 students abroad this summer, that would be great.”

Wisden says she wants to work closely with the students that use Babette Travel, offering individual assistance and making sure each gets the most out of the experience.

Hear an earlier podcast with Wisden: http://wisbusiness.com/index.iml?Article=388811