WisBusiness: The Podcast with Mike Semmann, co-founder for Advancing AI Wisconsin

This week’s podcast features Mike Semmann, co-founder for Advancing AI Wisconsin and COO for the Wisconsin Bankers Association.

Advancing AI Wisconsin is a grassroots initiative formed about 18 months ago aimed at boosting awareness related to several disruptive innovations — machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies.

The initiative is the brainchild of Semmann and co-founders Oliver Buechse and Kurt Hahlbeck. They came together after travelling the country and learning about the numerous applications of artificial intelligence and other tech.

“We need to raise the alarm to generate awareness, so these types of new digitally disruptive technologies can be available to companies,” Semmann said.

The initiative has over 80 members, and hundreds more have signed up to receive additional information.

“It’s a group of people seeking more information and want to help spread the word to assist and amplify the works being done on technology and how they can be applied in Wisconsin and in the Midwest,” he said.

See more on Advancing AI Wisconsin: https://advancingaiwisconsin.com/