WARF seeking commercial partners on new drug delivery device

WARF is seeking commercial partners to develop a new drug delivery device for testing targeted cancer therapies in patients.

This technology, patented through the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, is a tiny device that is injected into the body and anchored where it can deliver targeted doses of chemotherapy drugs to tumors.

Currently, testing single drugs in living patients requires a less specific approach, which can lead to dangerous toxicity in the patient’s body. This problem is exacerbated by repeated testing.

According to WARF, this new tech could minimize the trial and error aspect of chemotherapy while enabling simultaneous testing of multiple drugs.

One of the listed inventors for this device, David Beebe, is a UW-Madison professor of biomedical engineering and co-founder of Lynx Biosciences. This Madison-based startup is developing another method of testing cancer treatments while mitigating negative effects on the patient.

See WARF’s summary on the new technology: http://www.warf.org/technologies/medical-devices/diagnostics/summary/implantable-cancer-drug-delivery-device-signals-the-future-of-personalized-medicine-p150255us01.cmsx

Listen to a podcast with Chorom Pak, another co-founder for Lynx Biosciences: http://wisbusiness.com/index.iml?Article=386253