Walker campaign: Scott Walker sets the record straight on pre-existing conditions in new TV ad


Contact: Austin Altenburg
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Governor lays out record of reform, shares why ensuring coverage for those with pre-existing conditions is personal for him

[Madison, Wis.] – The Walker campaign on Thursday launched a new statewide TV ad featuring the governor setting the record straight on pre-existing condition coverage in Wisconsin. In the spot he shares why covering pre-existing conditions is personal to him, and he lays out our reforms to bring down health care costs and our commitment to maintaining coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

Governor Walker’s bipartisan Health Care Stability Plan will lower premiums for hard-working families after they skyrocketed under Obamacare. In fact, just last week it was announced that premiums on the individual market are expected to be 4.2 percent lower than they are today. Further, the governor reiterates his commitment to maintaining coverage for those who have pre-existing conditions despite the desperate scare tactics from Tony Evers and his liberal allies.

You can watch the ad, entitled “Quality, Affordable Health Care,” here, and learn more about the governor’s record of working to protect those with pre-existing conditions here. The ad begins:

Scott Walker: Hi I’m Scott Walker.

When Obamacare premiums went up, and Washington failed to act, we passed bipartisan legislation to lower costs.

Like you, I have family and friends with serious medical conditions.

Whether it’s my mother with cancer, my brother with a heart condition, or my wife with diabetes.

We want to make sure they always have access to quality, affordable health care.

So enough with the scare tactics.

In Wisconsin, pre-existing conditions are covered.

And as long as I’m governor, they always will be.

The spot will run on television as well as on a range of online and social media platforms. It is the latest in a series of ads the Walker campaign is running on the governor’s strong record of getting positive things done and his plans for more bold reform to keep Wisconsin working for generations to come.

See below for more information on Scott Walker’s work to lower premiums, increase choice, and provide certainty to seniors and those with pre-existing conditions through his Health Care Stability Plan: