SE WI NORML: Has commitment to legalize marijuana from 52 state legislative candidates

MILWAUKEE – The Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (SE WI NORML) has released the results of their candidate questionnaire. We sent out our questionnaire to all state legislative candidates appearing on the November 2018 ballot and received responses from 54 of them. A summary of their responses is available at and the full responses can be found by clicking on each candidate’s name.


For some of the candidates that didn’t respond to our survey, we were able to determine their support for medical or recreational legalization based off their cosponsorship of SB38/AB75 and AB482 respectively.


Between the survey responses and co-sponsorship lists, we found the following breakdown of support:




We’re happy to see a couple of Republicans showing their support for marijuana legalization, but we’re disappointed that few of their colleagues joined them. With 61% of Wisconsinites supporting recreational marijuana legalization and many more supportive of medical marijuana, it’s glaring how out of touch the Republican Party is with the People of Wisconsin. Given these facts, it’s no surprise that Leah Vukmir and Scott Walker – both vocal opponents of sensible marijuana law reform – are trailing in the polls, and that libertarian candidate Phil Anderson – who is a vocal marijuana legalization supporter – has such a strong showing for a minor party candidate, at 7% in the latest Marquette poll.


All candidates would be well-served by openly supporting marijuana legalization and SE WI NORML is happy to support candidates from any party who want to end and rectify the injustices of marijuana prohibition.


In the coming weeks before the November election we will be working to ensure the candidates who support marijuana law reform get elected. We’ll be doing phone banking, canvassing, flyering, voter registration, and encouraging young people to vote at college campuses and concerts around the state.


With 16 counties and 2 cities voting on marijuana law reform advisory referendums in November and a record number of legislative and governor candidates supporting marijuana legalization, we expect a big change in the statehouse in November and many marijuana law reforms to be enacted in 2019.


People who want to get involved in the movement or want more information about our work or our questionnaire can contact SE WI NORML Executive Director, Eric Marsch, at [email protected] or 262-443-0089.