Rooftop solar helping Beth Israel Center save money, spare environment

A recently installed rooftop solar system is helping Madison’s Beth Israel Center save money on electricity while fulfilling an ethical obligation to the environment.

“As a religious community, as a group of people that have a caring for the Earth, it’s our responsibility to do what we can in the face of global climate change,” according to Steve Goldstein, board member for Beth Israel. “This solar project, we certainly view it as one of the things we do to repair the earth.”

Alongside fellow board member Don Miner, he spearheaded the effort to get the solar array installed on the roof of the center. This effort was supported by a $3,000 grant from RENEW Wisconsin’s Solar for Good program, which began contributing funds in 2017 for solar installments at nonprofits and religious orgs in the state.

The Beth Israel Center was the first group taking part in the program to have its solar array installed. Goldstein and Miner tried to get the solar project off the ground back in 2015, but had limited funding at the time.

About a year ago, they revived the effort and were able to offset the cost of auxiliary parts for the array with the grant from Solar for Good.

The system is currently operational, and is saving the center money by offsetting the cost of electricity.

“Every kilowatt generated is one we don’t have to pay for,” Goldstein said.

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