NeighborWorks Alliance of Wisconsin: Report reveals tremendous economic impact from six Wisconsin NeighborWorks organizations

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Organizations have more than $572 million in
economic activity over 3 years


Milwaukee, WI — Today, the NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin released its 2015-2017 Economic Impact Report which found the six member organizations provided impact to the state totaling more than $572 million over the past three years. Additionally, the organizations helped create or sustain more than 3,870 jobs during the same three-year period.
“Communities throughout Wisconsin have tremendous economic impact from the housing and community development activities provided by the NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin organizations,” said Noel Halvorsen, Chair of the NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin and Executive Director of NeighborWorks® Green Bay. “These effects stem from robust public and private partnerships developed by the agencies and are facilitated by technical and financial support from NeighborWorks® America.”
“In 2017 alone, the impact of homeownership services resulted in supporting 940 jobs, and is responsible for over $142 million in economic activity. These findings demonstrate how necessary NeighborWorks® organizations are in supporting homeownership and making it more of a reality. We understand that the impact of homeownership is more than just turning a key in the door,” said Lizz Casey, deputy director of NeighborWorks® Blackhawk Region and Vice Chair of the Alliance.

“With more than half a billion dollars in economic impact statewide over the three years, NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin members understand how to leverage scarce public and private resources to benefit our communities. We’re extremely proud of the impact we’ve had in strengthening communities in the state,” added Halvorsen.
Other major findings from this report include:

  • Jobs are created and/or sustained. The boost from the activities spreads throughout several industries. Total over the three years, there were more than 3,870 jobs created and/or sustained for Wisconsin residents. On average, over the three years, this would annually equate to 1,290 jobs.
  • Returns in the Wisconsin Economy. The stimulation of homeownership has great impact in investments being made back into the local economy. Facilitated by NeighborWorks® organizations (NWO). State and local tax revenue from the Alliance members is over $34 million during the three years, averaging out to $11.45 million a year.
  • Quality of life improves. Although harder to quantify, the job creation, and tax revenue benefits from the stability of homeownership activities and programming has a broad effect in other areas such as community development, public safety and small business support.
To calculate the economic impact of NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin organizations, IMPLAN (Impact Analysis for Planning) software was used to quantify the economic effects of spending events brought about by the organizations’ operations and activities.
A full copy of the report can be found online at
About NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin
NeighborWorks® Alliance of Wisconsin is a network of six member organizations affiliated with NeighborWorks® America. These organizations provide a variety of services to individuals and families to create opportunities for people to live in affordable homes, improve their lives and strengthen their communities. Organizations include CommonBond Communities, Housing Resources, Inc., Impact Seven, Neighborhood Housing Services of Southwest Wisconsin, NeighborWorks® Blackhawk Region, and NeighborWorks® Green Bay.