National Federation of Independent Business: Small business cheers passage of Wisconsin Legal Reform

Contact: Bill G. Smith, Wisconsin State Director, 608-255-6083 (o), 608-516-9872 (cell), [email protected]

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 23, 2018—Bill G. Smith, Wisconsin state director for the National Federation of Independent, America’s voice of small business, today, released the following statement on last night’s passage of Assembly Bill 773. The measure now starts its journey through the State Senate.

“Wisconsin’s Main Street business community applauds the Assembly’s decision to put our state on the path to legal modernization and tort reform. It’s been long overdue, and now we look forward to action by the Senate.

“It has not served our state that our class-action statute is 168 years old, or that 48 other states are in sync with the federal government’s civil litigation procedures.

“The complexity and high transaction costs of civil lawsuits can be especially challenging expenses for small-business owners. Assembly Bill 773 is a huge step toward mitigating against future damages, increasing fairness, and improving the predictability of Wisconsin’s civil justice system.

“Governor Walker has included lawsuit reform as a key policy initiative of his Small Business Agenda for Wisconsin because he is acutely aware that these costs can cripple a small business.

“This initiative will reduce litigation costs for small business, modernize civil court procedures, and help eliminate abusive discovery practices. I call on the Senate to make swift passage of AB 773 its highest priority.”