Most ads in state talent attraction campaign run through June 30

Most ads targeting millennials as part of the state marketing campaign run Jan. 8 through June 30, while sponsored social media posts targeting Wisconsin alumni will run Feb. 5 to June. 30.

Those alumni-focused posts on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn will cost $35,000 — the least costly portion of the overall campaign.

Other social media messaging largely aimed at millennials age 21 to 35 in the Chicago area will also appear on Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin. Some of these ads will run near Milwaukee and Madison, to drive in-state awareness. The cost for targeted ads on these three platforms is $233,000.

Streaming video and audio ads will appear on Youtube and Pandora targeting the same age range near Chicago for a cost of $204,984.

Paid search advertising on Google and Bing will target the Chicago media market, and will cost $80,000. Mobile interactive popups known as “interstitial” ads will prompt users of certain mobile apps to input commute times and monthly rent to calculate the specific benefits they would get by moving to Wisconsin. These will cost $82,500.

While online ads make up the bulk of the campaign, physical marketing materials have their place as well.

Chicago Transit Authority L trains will have interior and exterior ads targeting riders of the CTA Brown Line in the Chicago Loop. Ads will appear on 15 trains from Jan. 8 to April 8, and on 10 trains from April 2 to July 1. The budget for these train ads is $81,242.

“This will be a very noticeable component of the campaign,” said Kelly Lietz, WEDC vice president of marketing and brand strategy. “We’re hitting you on your online platforms as well as the commute.”

Posters at Chicago health clubs and branded coasters in downtown restaurants and bars will cost $146,966.

The total estimated budget for media buys, including fees paid to ad agency Nelson Schmidt, is $956,092.

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–By Alex Moe