Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors: Approves land swap between Milwaukee County and private developer

Contact:  Albert Alfaro, Legislative Aide

414/278-5084 or [email protected]

Milwaukee – The Milwaukee County Board approved (17-1) a land swap arrangement between Milwaukee County, the City of Oak Creek, and the Capstone Quadrangle today, allowing a proposed development to proceed. 


“The land swap between Milwaukee County and Capstone Quadrangle is a win-win for everybody involved: taxpayers, lovers of the parks, and protectors of the environment alike.  I thank the Parks Department, the City of Oak Creek, and Capstone Quadrangle for working with me as to see this agreement come to fruition and for listening to my concerns, mainly the guarantee that a new, usable park would be a part of the deal. I applaud the County Board for voting in favor of my resolution,” said Supervisor Steve F. Taylor. 


The land currently owned by Milwaukee County is not accessible to the public and provides no public benefit.  Capstone Quadrangle will obtain county-owned land and make use of it to continue its development of an $80-$90 million business park. 


In exchange for its land, Milwaukee County will receive nearby parcels of land to use for public benefit.  Portions of the land received will be used for a new neighborhood park, to be funded and maintained by the City of Oak Creek at no additional cost to the County. 


The land swap will also allow for the preservation of a secondary environmental corridor and wetlands that connect the Root River and Oak Creek watersheds, and the management of an existing natural area containing designated critical species habitat.


With the creation of a new park and the continued development of a business park that will result from this land swap, anywhere from 1400-1500 jobs could arrive to the Oak Creek area.