Marquette University: lead in the water, health impacts and policy solutions of Milwaukee’s lead crisis

Sam Harshner at [email protected]

The Marquette Center for Urban Research, Teaching and Outreach (CURTO) in partnership with the Freshwater for Life Action Coalition, Milwaukee Water Commons and MKE Nutrition and Lead Task Force will host a panel discussion on the burgeoning lead crisis in Milwaukee’s water infrastructure. The event is headlined by Dr. Yanna Lambrinidou, a nationally recognized expert on the impact of lead in municipal water systems. Dr. Lambrinidou is a professor in Society, Technology and Culture at Virginia Tech University. Dr. Lambrinidou is a founder of the non-profit organization Parents for Non-Toxic Alternatives, and she has actively worked on lead crises in Washington, D. C. (2001-2004), Flint, MI (2014-present), and Milwaukee, WI (2016-present).

In addition the event will feature comments by a prominent group of local experts and activists including:

Robert Miranda: Robert Miranda is a community activist and co-chair of the Freshwater for Life Action Committee (FLAC), a local grassroots organization working towards a solution to the lead crisis in the city of Milwaukee.

Kirsten Shead: Kirsten is currently the director of the Water City Program at the Milwaukee Water Commons. The Water City Program works to ensure that Milwaukee’s aspiration to become a model water city include the voices of the community itself.

George Olufosoye: George is currently State Director of the NextGen America program. In the past, George has worked to organize a statewide response to the problem of lead pipes with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Sherrie Tussler: Sherrie is Executive Director of the Milwaukee Hunger Taskforce and one of the City’s leading advocates of lead mitigation efforts.

Event Details:

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 pm, Wednesday, March 7
Location: Marquette University, Marquette Hall (1215 W. Wisconsin Ave.), Room 100

Open to the public.