Gov. Walker: At WMC Business Day: ‘We Are Getting Positive Things Done for the People of Wisconsin’

MADISON – Governor Scott Walker addressed Wisconsin job creators today at the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) Business Day in Madison to highlight the state’s growing economy and his Ambitious Agenda for 2018.

“When we took office, one of my first actions as governor was to declare ‘Wisconsin is Open for Business,’ and I’m proud to say that’s exactly what we’ve done,” Governor Walker said. “Thanks to our reforms and growing economy, more people are working in Wisconsin than ever before. Our unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since 1999. We’ve ended each year with a budget surplus. We’ve passed $8 billion worth of tax relief. And we’re a top ten state for business, according to Chief Executive magazine. But we’re not done yet.”

In his State of the State Address, Governor Walker introduced his Ambitious Agenda for 2018. It includes his Health Care Stability Plan, more resources for rural schools, Wisconsin Works for Everyone welfare reforms, a $100 per child sales tax rebate and sales tax holiday, rural economic development initiatives, juvenile corrections reform, reforms to help small business, and more.

“Our Ambitious Agenda for 2018 has received bipartisan support in several areas, and that’s because these are not Republican or Democrat issues. These are Wisconsin issues,” Governor Walker continued. “We are getting positive things done for the people of Wisconsin.”

Learn more about Governor Walker’s Ambitious Agenda for 2018 here.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) is made up of the State Chamber of Commerce, the State Manufacturers’ Association and the State Safety Council. Founded in 1911, WMC is Wisconsin’s leading business association dedicated to making Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation. WMC works to advance policies that are in the public interest of our state and nation. Currently, the association has nearly 3,800 members that include both large and small manufacturers, service companies, local chambers of commerce and specialized trade associations.

Governor Walker’s presentation is available here.