Foxconn putting $1 million into smart communities competition

Foxconn plans to dole out $1 million over the next three years to Wisconsin students, faculty and staff to develop ideas for smart communities. 

The Taiwanese manufacturer is partnering with UW System, the state tech college system and Wisconsin independent colleges to stage the Smart Cities, Smart Futures competition. It focuses on smart mobility, buildings, homes, energy and health as well as quality of life, efficiency, productivity and management of resources. 

The competition is split up into three parts. For the first, the contest will call for ideas to be submitted in the form of essays, photo essays and videos. The second will focus on posters and papers in the style of academic research, and the third will highlight business venture plans, much like the Wisconsin Technology Council’s Governor’s Business Plan Contest. 

“Really, it’s about talent. It’s about nurturing talent and serving and creating and stimulating innovation,” Yeung said yesterday. “The goal is to engage the community and tap into their thoughts and ideas, their creativity and their critical thinking.” 

See the competition’s website: