Diligent Dozen pitch to crowd of peers, potential investors

The 12 finalists in the Governor’s Business Plan Contest have pitched their business ideas, which ranged from an improved football helmet for reducing injury to a platform for centralizing and limiting social media usage.

These “Diligent Dozen” addressed a panel of judges as well as a crowd of peers and potential investors yesterday at the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs Conference in Madison. A winner will be announced today during the second day of the ongoing conference as part of a luncheon awards ceremony.

Presenters included:

*AmebaGone, a Madison company which uses benign organisms to fight harmful pathogens that impact production crops like apples and potatoes.

See a recent story on AmebaGone: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391187

*AquaMetals, a Wauwatosa company that’s working to reduce discharge of toxic metals into waterways.

See a recent story on AquaMetals: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391200

*DataChat, a Madison company with an AI chatbot that can deliver meaningful data insights when asked questions in natural language.

Listen to a recent podcast with Jignesh Patel, a UW-Madison professor of computer sciences and co-founder of DataChat: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391108

*Fast Forward Forensics, another Madison startup that has a device for improving the process of genetic testing.

Fast Forward Forensics currently provides all the sexual assault collection kits to the state of

Wisconsin. It also provides the collection kits for samples entered into the FBI database at

Ohio State, and the kits used to collect samples from new recruits in the U.S. Army.

*Impact Sports, a River Falls business led by two medical doctors who wanted to develop a better football helmet for preventing concussions and other injuries.

See a recent story on Impact Sports: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391280

*NovoMoto, a Madison company that’s bringing cheaper power to residents of sub-Saharan Africa.

The company’s system is meant to replace kerosene lamps and generators, which these residents commonly use for illumination and phone charging.

*Pyran, yet another Madison startup. This company is providing a cheaper, greener alternative for production of plastics and paints.

See a recent story on Pyran: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391299

*Pyxsee, an Oshkosh startup with an app  to limit social media use in teens, in hopes of driving down rates of depression and anxiety associated with excessive social media use.

See a recent story on Pyxsee: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391292

*ReNeuroGen, an Elm Grove business aiming to improve stroke recovery with pharmaceutical therapy.

See a recent story on ReNeuroGen: http://wisbusiness.com/index.Iml?Article=391164

*Replace-A-Lace, a Rhinelander startup with a Velcro-like product that makes it easier for anyone to tighten up their shoes.

Company Founder Nancy Brekke-Jones says the product is “for those who are having trouble tying due to age, limited dexterity, arthritis, or any other disability.”

*Forsythe & Storms Technologies, an Oak Creek business that’s developed a self-defense device called the Shockray.

The device combines a long-distance pepper spray pistol and a stun gun for short range action, meant to be used by law enforcement, corrections officers and others.

*Swirl Insurance Services, a Mequon company that has developed a digital insurance marketplace.

“In short, Swirl makes buying insurance digital, online, fast and easy,” said Terry Wakefield, a veteran entrepreneur and founder of Swirl.