DATCP: Something Special from Wisconsin celebrates local businesses this holiday season

Contact: Kaitlyn Riley, 71st Alice in Dairyland, 608-516-5072
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Editor’s note: For more information or to schedule interviews about this promotion, contact Kaitlyn Riley at (608) 516-5072 or [email protected].


MADISON – The holiday season is officially here which means storefronts, television commercials and online advertisements are filled with ideas for meals to share and gifts to give. Something Special fromWisconsinTM can narrow those overwhelming choices with items that keep on giving.

The red Something Special from Wisconsin logo is a quick, reliable way to identify genuine Wisconsin products and services. Products showcasing the logo guarantee at least half their ingredients, production or processing activities are attributed to Wisconsin.

“Buying local products keeps dollars close to home,” Kaitlyn Riley, 71st Alice in Dairyland said. “One in nine jobs in Wisconsin is related to agriculture. Each of those jobs supports a nearly additional 1.5 jobs elsewhere in the state. Something Special from Wisconsin makes it easy to support our local farmers, processors, communities and economies.”

From a holiday ham to sheep milk lotion, candles, sweets, spices and ginseng roots, Something Special from Wisconsin has all the ingredients and gifts to craft an authentic experience. Nearly 500 businesses are part of Something Special from Wisconsin offering products for family, friends, and beloved household pets year round.

“Wisconsin is truly a wonderland with successful, diverse agribusinesses that produce food, fuel and fiber for our everyday lives,” Riley said. “That heritage is reflected in the companies that make the Something Special from Wisconsin program so unique.”

Something Special from Wisconsin was trademarked through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection in 1983. The logo helps its members stand above the rest as consumers choose to purchase products made or grown in Wisconsin.

For more information about the program, visit http://somethingspecialwi.com/. Alice in Dairyland is Wisconsin’s agriculture ambassador and works with media professionals to educate consumers about the importance of agriculture to Wisconsin’s economy and way of life. To learn more about the work Riley is doing, visit her travel blog at www.aliceindairyland.com, or keep in touch with her on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

Find background information on the Alice in Dairyland program at https://datcp.wi.gov/Pages/Growing_WI/AliceInDairyland.aspx