Clean Wisconsin sues EPA for smog decision

Clean Wisconsin has sued the EPA over its recent decision to significantly limit the areas of Wisconsin that won’t be subject to stricter ozone regulations.

The agency in May announced only a few areas along the edge of Lake Michigan would be designated as air-quality “nonattainment” ones after violating 2015 ozone standards. The decision came after EPA officials in December found larger areas in southeastern Wisconsin were in violation.

Clean Wisconsin filed a petition for review yesterday in federal Circuit Court in Washington, D.C., requesting oversight of the EPA’s move.

“This legal challenge builds on our almost 50 years of work to help ensure that everyone in Wisconsin, especially our most vulnerable residents, can breathe clean, healthy air, ” Clean Wisconsin CEO Mark Redsten said in a statement.

An EPA spokesperson said the agency is reviewing the filing.

See the filing:

See the Clean Wisconsin release: