American Provenance: Partners with Winnebago Seed Fund and Tru Fragrance & Beauty to accelerate growth

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BLUE MOUNDS, Wis., May 29, 2018 – American Provenance and Winnebago Seed Fund, two Wisconsin-based entities, and Tru Fragrance & Beauty with offices in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, have reached an agreement to grow nationally in the natural personal care segment.

American Provenance hand crafts wellness products on a retired Wisconsin dairy farm. Since launching in May of 2015, the company has generated more than $600K in gross revenues through sales at 700-plus retailers nationwide.

Kyle LaFond is the Founder of American Provenance. A former middle and high school science teacher, his concern with the chemical composition of popular personal care products led him to develop a project challenging his students to make their own non-toxic alternatives. Kyle’s own efforts to model this assignment led to the formulation of the company’s signature deodorants.

All American Provenance products contain minimal ingredients and no single product sells for more than $20. American Provenance natural deodorants are the biggest sellers, totaling nearly 90% of all sales. American Provenance products are carried by grocers, cooperatives, pharmacies, health and wellness stores, and specialty shops. They can also be purchased at

The Winnebago Seed Fund led the $500,000 financing. “We are excited to work with someone as talented and passionate as Kyle,” said David Trotter, Founder and Managing Director at The Winnebago Seed Fund. “It’s impressive how far American Provenance has come off of such limited capital, which is a testament to the strength of the team and vision.”

Tru Fragrance and Beauty is a company specializing in design, creation, manufacturing and marketing of perfumes, colognes and body care products. “Kyle is an innovator with an authentic back story,” comments Monte Henige, CEO of Tru. “He is as real as real can get. He has terrific momentum with his brand. These factors combined with his great product and vision in a very relevant product space make for a wonderful opportunity.”

To help accommodate this growth, American Provenance will be adding a second facility in August. This additional site will also be located in Blue Mounds and serve as an advanced production and warehousing facility. The expansion will allow for increased inventory and same-day shipping.