WisBusiness: The Podcast with Mary Burke, founder and CEO of Building Brave

This week’s episode of “WisBusiness: The Podcast” features a conversation with Building Brave founder and CEO Mary Burke, former Democratic candidate for governor and Trek Bikes executive.

She discusses her nonprofit startup and the recently launched app, touching on societal issues facing women and how her own journey in the political realm set her up for success with Building Brave.

The app was launched in October, and Burke says the first group to target will be college-aged women and young professionals. She has set an eventual goal of 10 million women on the app, but the process of building up that community will start in the Madison area.

“I think about it as starting a fire,” she said. “At first you need to watch it carefully, you need to put the kindling, the paper, maybe a little fuel on it… as it develops its strength and its energy, it basically takes on a greater power by itself.”

See the Building Brave site here: https://buildingbrave.org/