WEA Trust: Addresses Wisconsin’s opiate epidemic

Contact: Kyle Humphrey
(608) 661-6660

Madison, Wisconsin – WEA Trust, a not-for profit insurance company, is introducing an opiate utilization management tool for their membership. According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, in 2015 more people died from opiate overdoses than in car crashes.

The new opiate utilization tool will focus on health plan members who are prescribed an opiate but have not taken the medication before. Since these individuals are at a significant risk of developing dependency or abuse issues, the program will limit quantities and additional access so that opiates are not continued beyond their usefulness.

“I’m excited to introduce a program for our members that addresses an issue that so desperately needs attention in Wisconsin. We are taking a bold step that I’m not aware any other insurers are doing,” said Alan Lukazewski, the Trust’s Director of Clinical Pharmacy. “I believe that as an insurance company we must provide cities, villages, and schools with the tools and resources to live healthier and happier lives—in this case it starts with preventive action and careful management.”

The opiate utilization management tool will launch July 1, 2017.