UW Health: Collaborative adapts ride-on cars for children with mobility challenges

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Madison, Wisconsin – The ability to explore the world is crucial to cognitive and social development in early childhood. Children with mobility challenges will get the chance to explore the world more fully thanks to Go Baby Go, a program that adapts ride-on cars.

On Friday, July 21 at 6 p.m. at the Concourse Hotel, UW Health’s American Family Children’s Hospital therapists will collaborate with UW physical therapy, occupational therapy and engineering students to adapt three ride-on cars. Two of the cars will be auctioned Saturday at a conference sponsored by the Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders (SOFT).

Trisomy 18, 13 are disorders caused by spontaneous genetic mutations that occur at fertilization. The disorders can cause a range of issues including heart defects, scoliosis, spina bifida and many others.

“The cars will be adapted with a light-weight, easy-access switch to power the car and will include the necessary support and safety features,” said Annie DeMark Thompson, manager of the UW Health outpatient pediatric rehabilitation program.

As part of the ride-on car build events held periodically by Go Baby Go, families including siblings learn how to adapt cars.

The Go Baby Go campus partners are headed up by the UW Physical Therapy Program and American Family Children’s Hospital rehabilitation therapists.