Tenant Resource Center: Resumes housing counseling services for communities in Dane County outside of Madison

Contact: Brenda Konkel
(608) 345-8720

On July 1, 2017, the Tenant Resource Center resumed housing counseling services for communities in Dane County outside of Madison, ending a service gap created by 2015 county budget cuts. Thanks to additional funding, the tenant rights institution has added staff, increased their call capacity, and are now able to help all of Wisconsin.

Services restored to all of Dane County:

Housing counseling. The Tenant Resource Center gives free information on rental rights and responsibilities to tenants and landlords statewide including all of Dane County. Anyone interested in counseling can call, email or visit the office. The Tenant Resource Center has sample letters, forms, and brochures on most major topics and provides services in Spanish and Hmong.

Mediation. The Tenant Resource Center administers a program where certified mediators facilitate negotiations between tenants and landlords during Small Claims Court eviction hearings. These agreements are often payment plans that allow the tenant to remain in the apartment or move-out dates that give tenants time to arrange a new home. If the terms of the agreement are met, the tenant will not have an eviction on his or her court record. Mediated agreements have the same enforceability as those written by the court commissioner. 

Education and outreach. The Tenant Resource Center provides outreach and education through local workshops and seminars. The organization’s experienced presenters give informative talks around Wisconsin, are available for media interviews and participate in community coalitions. The Tenant Resource Center also provides brochures and teaches a biannual Housing Law Seminar series for landlords and service providers.

The Tenant Resource Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting positive relationships between tenants and landlords throughout Wisconsin. The Tenant Resource Center provides information and referrals, education about rental rights and responsibilities and access to conflict resolution, empowering the community to obtain and maintain quality affordable housing.