St. Ann Center: Honors special friends


Sharon Selz

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St. Ann Center for Intergenerational Care will add three new members to its Hall of Friends on Monday, April 3. Nancy Macek, Jim Gormley and Jim Lenahan will be recognized at an 11 a.m. reception, with Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki participating, at the center’s Stein Campus, 2801 E. Morgan Ave.

Established in 2014, the Hall of Friends Award recognizes people who have dedicated their time, talent and passion to furthering St. Ann Center’s mission of providing health and educational services for children, the elderly and adults with special needs.

“These people have put their hearts into making sure St. Ann Center grows and maintains its mission of serving the underserved and ensuring quality of life for people of all ages,” said Sr. Edna Lonergan, president and founder of the unique day services center for both children and adults.

Nancy Macek has been a retail volunteer at St. Ann Center for 16 years, helping with the gift shop, café, winter indoor market and preparation for sales of fine jewelry handmade by Lonergan. A talented painter, Macek coordinates the display and consignment sale of work by local artists at St. Ann Center’s Seasons of Life Gallery and has also orchestrated several fundraising dinners. “Nancy shows a dedication that’s an inspiration to us all,” Lonergan said.

Jim Gormley, an attorney at Foley & Lardner, is the current chair of St. Ann Center’s board of directors. He’s also a member of the Capital Campaign Committee that led fundraising for the multi-million-dollar construction of the center’s new Bucyrus Campus, which opened at 2450 West North Ave. in 2015. His leadership and expertise in real estate law have been invaluable, Lonergan said.

Jim Lenahan, Ludman Industries chairman, CEO and president, is a member and past chair of St. Ann Center’s board. He is also active on the Finance/Audit and Capital Campaign Committees. “Jim is a brilliant businessman and is committed to serving the most needy,” Lonergan said. “He has also established a legacy by bringing his son to our board of directors.”

Archbishop Listecki will join St. Ann Center staff, day care children and adult clients in presenting the honorees with special gifts made by the youngsters and adults. He will also speak on the importance of friendship. Plaques with the names of the new Hall of Friends members will be added to a wall above the grand staircase.