SKYGEN USA: Launches Centralized Credentialing Service

New service will help save time and reduce administrative costs by enabling providers to enter credentialing information once while giving payers on-demand access

MEQUON, Wisc. July 10, 2017 – SKYGEN USA, the company dedicated to transforming the delivery of health benefits through innovative, technology-enabled solutions that drive down the cost of care while ensuring healthier outcomes for all Americans, today announced it has launched a new, online centralized Credentialing Service that addresses the needs of providers and payers across the healthcare spectrum. Plans call for an immediate rollout to dentists and dental payers, with Credentialing Services for other segments of healthcare to be introduced in 2018.

Through the service, providers can save time and reduce their administrative burden by entering credentialing information – such as demographic information, National Provider Identifier, licensure data, etc. – one time into a central database through a secure, easy-to-use online portal rather than having to fill out time-consuming, repetitive credentialing forms and submit duplicate attachments each time they wish to join a health payer’s network. The service also sends automated email reminders when attestations and license renewals are due, making it easier to remain in compliance and avoid unnecessary termination from plans and networks.

Payers also benefit by being able to download the information they need to build their provider networks on-demand in minutes through the Credentialing Service’s secure portal. Gathering all of the documentation required for a completed credentialing application typically requires weeks or months of sending multiple mailings and making follow-up phone calls to providers at a cost of $50 to $200 per provider application. The SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service reduces this cost to less than $10 per unverified provider application. It saves further time and labor costs by ensuring the credentialing applications payers request are accurate and complete the first time.

The solution is offered as a free service to providers. There is a nominal fee for payers to download specific provider credentialing information, and additional value-added services such as primary source verification are available for purchase as well.

“We believe comprehensive technology solutions such as the SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service are vital to the future of healthcare, and we are unwavering in our dedication to bringing them to market quickly and at the lowest practical cost,” said Craig Kasten, board chairman and co-founder of SKYGEN USA. “We are excited to be moving forward aggressively with the SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service, both for the specific benefits it conveys and as a template for future large-scale payer and provider initiatives.”

The SKYGEN USA Credentialing Service builds on a concept originally developed and piloted in conjunction with a large national trade association. Encouraged by the enthusiasm for the pilot program, SKYGEN USA recognized a broader market need for the Credentialing Service and decided to not only move forward with it in the dental market, but to expand the concept to all aspects of healthcare.

“Obtaining provider credentialing information is a key requirement for building a provider network, no matter which segment of healthcare you are focused on,” said Mike Lessila, director of credentialing services for SKYGEN USA. “But the archaic methods currently used to gather and share credentialing applications add far too much needless cost and time to the process. Our new Credentialing Service takes advantage of leading-edge technology to deliver faster results at a lower cost with a superior user experience. It’s a model we plan to extend and apply to a wide range of challenges throughout all segments of the healthcare spectrum.”

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SKYGEN USA is dedicated to transforming the delivery of health benefits through innovative, technology-enabled solutions that drive down the cost of care while ensuring healthier outcomes for all Americans. By developing and employing world-class software solutions, the organization provides unprecedented levels of automation and cost savings, creating the most efficient health plans in the country. The SKYGEN USA client roster includes our nation’s largest healthcare insurers with clients operating in over 100 markets serving 35 million member lives on its technology platform and 11 million member lives through its outsourcing solutions. For more information, please visit

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