SimplifIDe takes second in global integrity solutions challenge

SimplifIDe, a Madison-based startup working in the field of identification security, recently took part in Citibank’s Citi Challenge global finals for integrity solutions.

This event was held in Mexico City at the end of May, and brought together companies from around the world, showcasing their ideas for how to ethically solve a social issue in the world.

SimplifIDe’s solution, called SimplifAID, would use the company’s biometric-based identification system to specifically allot resources to those in need during times of crisis. It does so using software that can recognize faces and voices.

It would keep unscrupulous people from taking advantage of the confusion and chaos that comes with a disaster like a flood or violent conflict. For example, it would make sure only women with small children would have access to things like baby formula, keeping others from hoarding these precious resources and selling them at exorbitant rates.

Each team participating in the contest had five minutes to present, and another two to answer questions. Judges narrowed it down to just two companies: SimplifIDe and FactiCo, a Mexico City-based media outlet using geolocation to report on news and events in Mexico.

SimplifIDe took second place in a 7-5 vote after four rounds of voting.

“While it is no fun to be the ‘bridesmaid,’ it was a great accomplishment for SimplifIDe and we made many business contacts that should turn into business,” CEO Jeff McAllister told “Thousands of companies applied worldwide and this was more global validation for us.”

Contest judges came from some well-known companies: Facebook, IBM, PwC, Citibank, Clifford-Chance, MasterCard and Microsoft.

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–Alex Moe